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Your Home Base Online

Your Home Base Online Ok, got a little resistance from a weeks ago post about how authors shouldnt present articles or take a stab at sell books without an online nearness. I love pressing those catches. Some idea composing was about the innovativeness, not really about the deals. They implied the site page as nearly selling out, and that the craftsman need not attach himself to an online page. Others simply didn't feel geek enough to have a site, however they felt OK enough to submit to other people. Apologies, yet you cannot USE the Internet to help yourself at that point state you dont need it. Nowadays, on the off chance that you use it, you best have a connect to where individuals can find out additional. Else, you squandered your exertion. Not having a connection implies you compose for you and no one else. You need the fulfillment of seeing your work in print, yet you dont need to interface with the peruser. I composed an eleven moment digital recording on that theme this week, qualified Face-for Face? Or on the other hand Face-to-Screen? chopeclark.com/blog Regardless of whether you need a command post online isn't up for conversation. In any case, you have alternatives on the off chance that you are HTML/CSS phobic. Lets take a gander at where you can locate a command post on the web. Blogger.com An exceptionally straightforward blog stage that can be utilized as a basic site. Wordpress.com Same as Blogger with a smidgen to a greater extent an expectation to learn and adapt. Facebook Yes, a fan page can be your landing page in the event that you keep it proficient. Tumblr If youre an image fan and favor brief remarks, this is your ba LinkedIn For your resume and experience. Its getting very intelligent. AboutMe A one-page data sheet about you with a cool method to embed pics. Weebly.com Simple site, yet attempt to abstain from making it resemble a 1999 format. What's more, heres one you most likely never thought of: Pubslush.com. Its a crowdfunding program yet additionally a homebase program on the off chance that you decide to utilize that side of the house. Its where you can plant yourself just as sell your books. I once handled a $750 opportunity since I had my resume on the web. Somebody Googled me and discovered I was equipped for her magazines task. It occurs. Not having an online location resembles not having a postage information. At the point when individuals can't discover you in this specialized time and age, they expect you dont need work, dont care to work, or dont have regard for your work. Show them in any case, and plant yourself a banner on some page on the web, at that point tell everybody where you can be found.

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Education in Afghanistan Before the Taliban

Instruction in Afghanistan is one of the most every now and again talked about issues that require certain time and examinations. Numerous sources concede that the strategies of the Taliban were so terrible and exacting that any young lady couldn't get an opportunity to contemplate and extend own degree of information on a similar level with young men. The fact of the matter is that numerous female understudies just couldn't proceed with their training, in light of the fact that the picked programs were excessively unpleasant and war-arranged that females didn't think that its accommodating and important to visit schools.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Education in Afghanistan Before the Taliban †Cause and Effect Essay explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The effect of the Taliban on young men and girls’ instruction in Afghanistan was extremely extraordinary: distinctive educative systems and focus on war issues denied young ladie s of the chance to get training on a similar level as young men could do it; this is the reason the fall of that development prompted positive changes in the circle of training and elevated girls’ want to concentrate simply like it was depicted in Seierstad’s The Bookseller of Kabul. In opposition to mainstream thinking, the Taliban never authoritatively prohibited the instruction for females. Young ladies under the ages of nine were permitted to go to class and offer a study hall with young men of a similar age. In any case, when a young lady arrived at the age of ten, she lost the option to go to the school. The Taliban put a suspension on female instruction until isolated training framework could be totally sorted out and actualized. Abdul Hai Muthmahien, the Taliban boss representative, conceded that their development would spend all the more then $ 1 million so as to fabricate schools and furnish understudies with the essential hardware â€Å"Taliban are not agai nst education† (Baker para.2), and even young ladies ought to get an opportunity to consider. The understudies, who were sufficiently blessed to go to the schools that stayed open, were shown an educational plan, fixated on brutality and religion. At the primary evaluation, youngsters, who were six years of age, took in the letters in order not by creatures, organic products, or delights, similar to it was intrinsic to by far most of schools everywhere throughout the world, however by methods for strict and war-like phrasing: â€Å"’J’ was for Jihad, ‘M’ was for Muhjahed, and ‘T’ was for Talib† (Fassihi para.1). First graders were additionally instructed straightforward number juggling like checking slugs. The fourth grade of instruction ended up being vital for some understudies, since they got an opportunity to encourage increasingly complex math word problems.Advertising Looking for paper on training? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These undertakings include the accompanying: â€Å"If a slug ventures 800 meters for each second, and the separation between a Russian and a muhjahed is 3,200 meters, at that point how long will it take for the projectile to hit the Russian between the eyes?† (Fassihi para. 5) Each year, an understudy could progress to another evaluation, writings, exercises, and schoolwork turned out to be significantly progressively realistic; the seventh grade elevates understudies to consider the â€Å"jihad manual†, the manual that was weighed down with guidelines for bomb making, firearm and weapon portrayals and charts, and even how-to’s for executing Islam’s foes (Fassihi para. 6). Understudies were exposed to this style of learning until the Taliban fell following a multi year rule. â€Å"Belqisa could even proceed with her instruction on the off chance that she wanted†¦Now it was permitted, yet she restricted herself† (Seierstad 175-181). In this way, an offspring of any sex could get training, the inquiry is whether the youngster needs to get such instruction. In November 2001, since the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan confronted various difficulties on account of the time of remaking and its requests (UNESCO 137). The circle of training experienced certain difficulties and changes too: schools the whole way across the nation held enlistments for the two guys and females. In Jalalabad, the new clergyman of instruction, Abdul Ghani Hidayat, sought after the turnout at enlistment and accepted that about 80% of the city’s qualified male and females would enroll. Notwithstanding the absence of reading material, furnishings, and composing utensils and supplies, Mr. Hidayat was anxious to begin the arranging and usage of another educational plan for the youngsters so as to introduce them a chance to extend their degree of information and have indistinguishable ri ghts from others on the world have (Witter para. 8). Notwithstanding Mr. Hidayat’s excitement and want to help kids and their families, it was insufficient to make youngsters come back to the schools and proceed with instruction. The Taliban’s conditions were so severe and harsh that even their leaving didn't assist with returning female understudies. The improvement of imaginative processing advancements, the status of English as a universal level, and different changes in educational plans require significant work in the circle of training (Moreno 398). Wars, which happen in Afghanistan, have genuine impact on instruction in this nation: numerous educators are killed in activities, numerous kids like to go for a war yet not to invest energy at schools, and numerous schools have been as of now destroyed.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Education in Afghanistan Before the Taliban †Cause and Effect Essay explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More All this harm, made because of the war, impacts training markers impressively and expands cerebrum channel. Instructors don't think that its successful to remain in the nation and train kids under such horrendous conditions. Those, who choose to remain and ensure own local land, face such issues like absence of information or experience. A few instructors don't have any educational practice, and utilize each day issues to make new undertakings and train understudies. Absence of training prompts wrong impression of data and translation of various mental, social, and philosophical ideas. Regardless of whether the fall of the Taliban advances the improvement of the instructive circle in Afghanistan, understudies despite everything face various issues and don't have opportunities to adapt to them. These days, training is accessible for any resident of Afghanistan. It doesn't make a difference whether you are a kid or a young lady. The fact is that the disposition to training might be diverse in every family, and the head of one family can't acknowledge the possibility that his ladies ought to invest a lot of energy close by men (Seierstad 262), and the leader of the other family is anxious to assist his ladies with studying new material and be savvy. When all is said in done, instruction for young men and young ladies in Afghanistan sees extensive changes when the rule of the Taliban. The sources demonstrate that in reality the Taliban development didn't forestall training for young ladies; certain conditions may cause a few limitations, yet overall, young ladies got the option to visit schools and amplify their insight. Obviously, war conditions deny a great deal of young men and young ladies of the chance to examine, this is the reason various school changes and extra assistance ought to be given step by step. Perhaps, this absence of training and regard for social standards and mentality to this life fill in as a genuine explanation of the war. Ampl e opportunity has already past to consider the methods of how to teach the Afghan individuals and clarify them how off-base and appalling their understanding of this life can be. Works Cited Fassihi, Farnaz. â€Å"2 Bullets + 2 Bullets =?: That Was Math in the Textbooks Used in Taliban-Era Schools.† Newhouse News Service. Moreno, Juan, M. â€Å"Secondary Education in Afghanistan: A Portray of Post-Conflict Education Reconstruction.† Revista Espanola de Educacion Comparada 11 (2005): 381-406.Advertising Searching for paper on training? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Seierstad, Asne. The Bookseller of Kabul. London: Virago Press Ltd., 2004. Print. UNESCO. Instruction for all by 2015: Will We Make It? New York: Oxford University Press US, 2008. Print. Witter, Willis. â€Å"Afghan Girls Giddy over Return to School.† The Washington Times. (21 Nov. 2001). This article on Education in Afghanistan Before the Taliban was composed and put together by client Adam Destine to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; nonetheless, you should refer to it in like manner. You can give your paper here.

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The Complete Beginners Guide to Investing in Stock

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Stock Investment in stocks is one of the best and easiest ways to accumulate passive income for individuals or families.However, there is a stigma around stock investment. The average person feels stocks are too complex to understand and too risky to be involved with. Especially since the recent financial-economic crisis, people are quite honestly scared of manipulations leading to fluctuations on the stock market. They consider it unreliable. This article aims to give you the basic information so as to alleviate that stigma a little â€" enough so that you consider learning more, and, eventually, invest.WHAT ARE STOCKS?Stock ownership is the physical representation of ownership over part of a business â€" ownership of business shares. Stocks are also called securities, because they give you financial security. Equities is another word for it, because of the equity they give you in the business ownership. Two types are fairly popular â€" common stocks and preferred stocks. This is how commo n stock worksThis is the most popular type of stock for investment. If you own common stock, you are a stockholder, or a business shareholder, who shares the profits or losses of that business. The Board of Directors will be responsible to take the decision how many of the profits to retain back into the company and how much to send out to the stockholders, under the form of dividends. This is how preferred stock worksPreferred stock works a lot like common stock, with several important differences. Once again, the owner of the stock is a shareholder. This time, however, the dividends are paid out at predetermined times. Preferred stock owners have priority over common stock. If a bankruptcy takes place preferred stock holders will have the priority for the chance to recoup their investments from sales or other forms of recoveries. This is why stocks are issuedA company may open their business to stock investment, in order to gather funds. It is a good business model for startup com panies with innovative ideas and leaders with strong entrepreneurial background. On the other hand, stocks are attractive to investors, because they can participate in the economy without participating in business management. Additionally, if the investor is well informed and intentioned, stocks can create far higher returns than other forms of investment. This is how stocks are issued:When you incorporate a company, you need your accumulated capital. Your organization may decide to divide that capital into shares. Let’s say your capital is USD 100  000. If you divide that into 100 shares, the price of each share will be USD 1000. You may choose to come up with most of that capital yourself, hence remaining the main shareholder, and invite friends, family and other investors to become shareholders in your company. Let’s say your first year you earn USD 2000 in profits. You have to decide how much out of those 2000 you reinvest back in your company. If you choose to reinvest none , you will owe 20 USD earnings per share (EPS) to each of your shareholders. This is how stocks are bought and sold:The initial price of each share might have cost each buyer USD 1000 in the beginning (from the example above). However, that price will not be permanent on the stock market. Say you keep paying out 20 USD earnings per share (EPS) to each of your shareholders. This is not a worth investment. And they will try to sell out their shares for less than their value. If your profit is greater, the price will also be proportionately higher on the stock market. The stock market is nothing more than a system of actors buyers and sellers where said actors are nothing more than individuals representing themselves or other buyers and sellers, that are looking for matching interests to obtain or dispose of stocks at a certain price. It is nothing more than a marketplace. And the price depends on the supply-and-demand rules. Manipulating the supply-and-demand rules is often the unde rlying source behind financial crises. HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM THE STOCK MARKET?Earning from stock is not as complicated as it sounds. Profiting, however, is another matter. Here are several factors you need to consider:Dividend yield on costThe dividend yield is a simple financial calculation. It is the ratio between the amount of money you would earn per today’s rate in dividends, and the current market price of the stock. It is expressed in a percentage. The dividend yield is an interesting concept for future investors because it allows them to compare investing in stock to investing in other financial products that offer a return in an annual percentage rate products such as bonds. However, if you have invested in a successful company, the dividend rate will increase over time, unlike with bonds, where the return is fixed. That is why, the dividend on cost is actually a more important variable, when you consider the subject of your investment. The divined yield tells you how m uch you would profit today from dividends if you bought stock today. The dividend yield on cost is the ratio between the amount of money you earn per today’s rate in dividends and the price you paid originally instead of the price today. Watch out for dividend traps though. Some stock investments may look great based on dividend yield on cost only. Dividend yield on cost can be manipulated. If you see too-good-to-be-true dividend rates, that could mean a hefty law suit or bankrupt lurking around the corner. To save yourself from dividend traps compare the rates to other years or other companies in the industry. You will notice the rates vary within some limits. If the difference from the average is too high, there is almost certainly something fishy. Price to earnings ratioThe price earnings ratio is a convenient metric for assessing the prospect value of a companys stock price compared to the current financial status of a company. (You will also come across it being spelled as th e p/e ratio.)Originally popularized by Benjamin Graham, this ratio is thought to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to determine whether a stock is safe for investment or its value is being manipulated â€" which means it is being used for speculation on the market. So what is the price-to-earnings ratio? The p/e ratio is the price an investor is paying for one dollar of a companys earnings.Let’s say you have stock in a company called STOK. STOK reported to earnings per share amounting to 3.5 USD. If the stock is selling for 28 USD per share then you divide 28 USD price per share to 3.5 USD profits per share and your ratio is 8. For your calculation you will need to figure out the basic or diluted earnings per share, where the diluted earnings per share is preferred. That could be tricky for beginners. The good news is most financial portals will automatically calculate and show you the price-to-earnings ratio for the stock you are interested in. This ratio will be helpful to y ou to sift through the companies selling at a high price because they have caught the trendy wave, but actually have no real worth to support those numbers. Have in mind that in the various industries the p/e ratio ranges considered to be acceptable will differ from each other. Tech companies will usually have an average price-to-earnings of about 20, whereas textile manufacturers   usually sell at a ratio of about 8. To a large extend that depends on the expectation of growth.What does that mean in terms of designing your investment portfolio? You need to A) Compare the prices within the industry, B) Compare the history of prices within the same industry, C) eliminate outliers, D) ultimately go for the lowest p/e ratio.Have in mind price-to-earnings can never be the only variable on which you base your decisions. Some accounting rules and incorrect estimates of future growth can affect the price-to-earnings ratio significantly.    HOW TO INVEST?The first step towards beginning you r stock investment career is to open a brokerage account. It is just an account that have with a stock brokerage firm. You deposit money with them â€" you can make a direct payment or hook a bank account to them. When the money is available at their disposal, you can use it to invest different amount and variety of stocks. You will order your broker to sell or buy for you and they will do it for a fee or a percentage of the transaction.You can choose between a cash brokerage account and a margin account. With a cash account you to deposit cash in advance and with a margin account, you could also borrow from your broker against certain assets at a low-interest rate. As a beginner, it is safer to opt for a cash brokerage account.The next step would be to learn more about the types of deals you can order from your broker. Limit orders for example give you the option to impose a limit on the maximum price you will owe or the minimum price you would accept when you are trading with stock s. Meaning you can use limit orders to purchase stock only when its price falls under a certain threshold. Another type of order you should know about are the all-or-none orders. Most times, when you order an acquisition of a large amount of common stock, of the same company your broker will fulfil your order over the course of days or weeks. This will prevent you from distorting the market â€" if you leave a large order open that might increase the demand and, with that, raise the price.However, if you want to place an order that should be executed at the same price, the solution is to make it an all-or-none trade. For your broker that would mean he would have to do it as a single transaction, or not perform on the order at all. Another factor you have to consider is the expiration day of your order. When you place an order, have to give a deadline to when it can be executed. The first type are the ‘day orders’ those are valid until the end of the day for the stock market. Aft erwards those are canceled and no more attempts will be done to execute them. Market orders are usually done as day orders. The second type you should consider are the GTC orders. It is an acronym for Good-till-Canceled. Those are valid until you end the order, until they are completed in full, or until 60 day from the order pass.GTC orders have their risks. First, you need to be conscious of your placed order â€" especially during a volatile market events may occur that will require you to end your order before it was executed. Second, if you place a large order as GTC, you will pay a fee to your broker every time they act on it. For example, if you place an order to purchase 1000 shares from a company, and they do it in 10 equal steps, a commission will go out to them with each purchase. However, if multiple steps are performed in the same day, you should actually be charged once only.Remember, all market orders will be executed by your broker unless you manage to cancel them befo re they become possible. That means you are not in control of the price. If you want to stay in control of the price you should consider placing limit orders or stop orders, which will turn into market orders under certain conditions.  Always consider revenue over cost. The entire cost. Never forget to factor in the amounts your broker charges as a commission. Have in mind the capital gains tax as well, since that will become greater each year. But how to decide where to invest? The answer is simple and at the same time, it is complex. Long story short, you need to do some comparison and then some research. Look for deals that look lucrative based on the dividend yield on cost and the price to earnings ratio. Do a historic and inter-industry comparison. Consider using a robo-advisor. Once you have set your eyes on a company, do some follow-up research. Could there be bankruptcy on the line? Are any big scandals happening? Are any important customers leaving? SUCCESS STORIESNow that you know the most important rules, you must be curious to know when you could have been now if you had joined the stock market years ago. Here are the financial results you could have benefited from if you had invested in one of three famous brands a decade ago:TeslaCEO Elon Musk is a public personality, not unfamiliar to. Teslas stock, however, seems to be on an upswing. Shares were going up 2% following the news that Consumer Reports were recommending the Tesla 3, now with a better performance.If you had invested in Tesla back in 2010, when the company became public and made its initial public offering, a thousand-dollar investment in the company would give you about 12 times the return as of mid 2018, when you factor in price appreciation and dividends reinvested. AppleAnother company famous for the questionable behavior of their CEO, Apple, has often been both complimented for the vision of Steve Jobs and reprimanded for the faults of his behavior. If you had invested a thousand dollars in Apple back in 2008, that would have put more than $7,200 in your wallet ten years later, in 2018, when you factor in price appreciation and dividends reinvested.NetflixNetflix is, on the contrary, considered to be quite scandal-free. A company that revolutionized the way people access movies, series and shows was thought to have a shaky future in the beginning, but it has managed to establish itself and is pretty stable on the stock market. If you had invested a thousand dollars in Netflix back in 2007, that would have earned you more than a hundred thousand dollars years later, in 2018, when you factor in price appreciation and dividends reinvested. That means a return of more than a 100 times the investment. The greatest reason for Netflix’s success on the stock market is the unexpected growth of its subscriber’s base. THE WORST INVESTMENT MISTAKESYou must be impatient now to begin your stock investment journey. But holt, please make sure you don’t do any of the four worst mistakes you could fall victim to while planning your investments in the stock market:Don’t fall victim to the TVOnce you get interested in the stock market, you will discover an entire new world. Sources, articles, papers, and even entire TV shows dedicated to the projections and analysis of the marketplace.Use your common-sense before you consider the advice of TV personality on the small screen. The opinions of those ‘experts’ may make sense to a newbie, but a real investor will know better than to trust anything they say blindly. TV ‘experts’ may mislead you with or without intention to take action in the wrong direction. More often than not they will be commenting on rather obvious trends rather than actually providing you with valuable information. Additionally, depending on the size of the audience, their preaching might distort the market and lead to different than expected results. Don’t fall victim to ratiosFormulas and calculations can seem the perf ect safety system against bad decisions. It is not just numbers and indexes. Get out of the mathematics and think about the real world when you take your decisions. Talk to your friends. Discuss your projections with advisors. Do you know anyone with a good investment sense? A friend with an impeccable profit record can always confirm or reject your wildest intentions. Advice by investment robots can put you on the right track, but real life experts are so far the best intelligence to predict how the market will behave. Dont get too comfortableDont get too set in your ways. It is in the nature of every market to change. Make sure you always ask yourself several questions before you take any important decision about your investment portfolio. Most importantly â€" ‘Do I really have a reason to believe my expectations will not mislead me.’Since 2008, the stock market has been watched over through a magnifying glass. It is not a rare view to see large loses followed by profits and t hen suddenly more losses. Accurate predictions of the market behavior is a but you can always take some common sense steps to make sure your investments are supported by some positive-trend data.Dont ever rush into a dealLast but not least, if youre planning on getting into stock investments, always make sure you keep yourself level-headed. You can never act on a hunch. Especially when the market is experiencing heavy volatility, all variables will be off track and you might be tempted to act irrationally. Always keep the long-term trend in sight and consider how all your actions will affect your investments in the future.There is never one plan of action you can adopt to always make sure you take the right decision. Sometimes what seems right will betray your hopes, while an obvious mistake may make you a fortune, out of pure luck. However, you cannot afford to count on chance. If you do, you are little better than a gambler. A well-balanced portfolio where you have included a mix of stocks, bonds and other securities is perhaps your best bet against potential bad surprises and loss.While it takes some of the fun away, you are way better-off if you play your cards carefully. CONCLUSIONInvesting in the stock market, to a beginner, looks like a parallel universe. It is the same brands and companies you know from the news, or from the logos on products you use in your everyday life. However, there are new rules to learn. You need to teach yourself to look at the same news and same companies from an entirely new perspective. Just as any other field, investments of time and money can look intimidating, but once you learn how to behave on the market, you might find yourself a very lucrative and fascinating hobby.

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The Contemporary Age Of A Novel Written By J. D. Salinger

The Contemporary Age began in the mid 1940’s and is still continuing today. This age was different from the previous ages, but like all ages before it, it had its successes and problems. The Contemporary age has been characterized by wars or the threat of war. This left the American civilians feeling scared. This fear and the life of the American civilian during the Contemporary Age were captured in a novel written by J. D. Salinger. Jerome David Salinger, prompted mainly by his desire to become wealthy, wrote a novel that would cause mass controversy and eventually lead American authors into a new style of writing. The United States changed dramatically during the Contemporary Age. The Contemporary Age began around the time that World†¦show more content†¦They were given these jobs because the men were fighting the war. This development of more freedom showed women that they were capable of working outside the home. They performed their new jobs as well and sometimes better than the men did. This shift in the job for the women of the country, allowed the United States to be more successful during the war. As the war ended, the men returned home. The young men who had fought in the war had lost their innocence. Many were traumatized from the war, but they came back to the United States and wanted to work. Some women gave up their jobs to become housewives again, but most fought for their right to work outside the home. After the war was officially over, a great sense of euphoria was felt throughout the country. The war brought about a boom in the American economy and people were trusting in their government more. Unfortunately for the United States, as World War Two ended, another war was looming. Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union were taking control of Europe and spreading communism. The spread of communism was not good for America. As the U.S. confronted the Soviet Union, to stop the spread of communism, a conflict arose between the two milit ary powers of the world. This conflict is known as the Cold War. The Cold War led to fear, panic, and anxiety, as a nuclear bomb could fall from the sky at any moment of the day. Fortunately,

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Tobacco The Outline Of The Global Public Health Issue

Background information Tobacco: The outline of the global public health issue Cigarette smoking has been well documented to cause a wide range of health conditions such as heart diseases and respiratory problems and it is a major risk factor for getting various kind of cancers (Simpson Nonnemaker, 2013). Besides illness and death, there are several research evidences presenting that cigarette smoking results in less productive life years and accountable for mounting unwanted medical costs. Globally, the preventable deaths caused by tobacco smoking accounts for over 6 million deaths yearly (Wilson et al., 2012). Currently, there are over 1 billion smokers in the world and over 80% of these smokers are living in low and middle income countries (Wilson et al., 2012). This figure is likely to increase to more than 8 million deaths a year by 2030. Sadly, this numbers only communicates that more than 80% of the deaths will be occurring in the developing world. While some countries are facing challenges with the increase in smoking prevalence, many countries are realizing significant reduction in smoking and tobacco-related disease through adoption and implementation of comprehensive tobacco control programs. The World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), a multilateral treaty to fight against the tobacco epidemic presents an outline for countries to reduce both the demand and supply of tobacco. Parties to the WHO FCTC undertake severalShow MoreRelatedBy Using Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) the Tobacco Industry Is Seeking to Change Their Unethical Public Image. Evaluate This Strategy Using Three Ethical Principles of the Global Business Standards Codex.3135 Words   |  13 Pagesthe above declaration has not been signed. ESSAY |Assessment question |By using corporate social responsibility (CSR) the tobacco industry is seeking to change their unethical public | | |image. Evaluate this strategy using three ethical principles of the Global Business Standards Codex. | Type your essay below: The tobacco industry has come under scrutiny regarding their use of corporate responsibility to change an unethical image that has plagued themRead MoreThe Global Public Health Issue2091 Words   |  9 PagesBackground information 1.1 The outline of the global public health issue Cigarette smoking has been well documented to cause a wide range of health conditions such as heart diseases and respiratory problems and it is a major risk factor for getting various kind of cancers (Simpson Nonnemaker, 2013). Besides illness and death, there are several research evidences presenting that cigarette smoking results in less productive life years and for mounting needless health care costs. Globally, the preventableRead MoreThe World Health Organization : A Global Public Health Treaty2306 Words   |  10 PagesFCTC The World Health Organisation (WHO) Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC) is a global public health treaty, developed in response to the globalisation of the â€Å"Tobacco epidemic†, that entered into force in the February of 2005 (World Health Organisation, 2015). As outlined in the convention itself, the aim of the FCTC is to â€Å"...protect present and future generations from the devastating... consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure† (WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, 2005)Read MoreThe Philip Morris Tobacco Company Essay1887 Words   |  8 PagesPhillip Morris Phillip Morris The Philip Morris tobacco company started in 1847 on a small street in London (Sanders, Wisse, Van, 2015). One of the primary goals is to be a socially creditworthy company, at both local and global level. Consequently this is the reason Philip Morris had passion for social performance. They began as a very small family business specializing in hand rolled cigarettes. In 1902, the company moved to New York City and merged. Even though the company stayed small by 1960Read MoreBat Csr2165 Words   |  9 Pagespioneered over the last two decades by the oil, chemical and tobacco industries due to their attempt to win back social respectability by changing their image. In this report, shall discuss how British American Tobacco plc (BAT), as one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world, allows their businesses to manage the economic, social and environmental effect of their operations to maximise the benefits and minimise the problems. The tobacco industry contributes largely to the economies of over 150Read MoreThe Food Industry and Self-Regulation: Standards to Promote Success and to Avoid Public Health Failures7346 Words   |  30 PagesFRAMING HEALTH MATTERS The Food Industry and Self-Regulation: Standards to Promote Success and to Avoid Public Health Failures Lisa L. Sharma, MBA, MPH, Stephen P. Teret, JD, MPH, and Kelly D. Brownell, PhD Threatened by possible government regulation and critical public opinion, industries often undertake self-regulatory actions, issue statements of concern for public welfare, and assert that self-regulation is sufï ¬ cient to protect the public. The food industry has made highly visible pledgesRead MoreElectronic Media7567 Words   |  31 Pagesregarded as one of the most influential industries. Unlike some other industries, the Eamp;M sector enjoys direct interaction with people and hence, it has great power to influence people’s mind. Often the industry remains the driving force in building public opinion and determining its trends. Like the other countries of the world, the media industry also plays a very crucial role in India. The media and entertainment industry has come a long way to grow into a modern sector in the country. The largeRead MoreHealth Care Systems in Coumbia, Finland, and United Kingdom2177 Words   |  9 PagesAccording to The Director General of the National Public Health Institute, Professor Pekka Puska health is very important to everyone, individuals and nationals all over the world, but we all have our own perceptions of health and the cultural issues affect strongly to health. Generally we have good health point, but the differences between nations are large. In developed countries people are living longer, at the moment a baby girls life expectancy will be over a hundred years. We have good controlRead MoreLegalization Of Marijuan The Economic Case2418 Words   |  10 Pages DECEMBER 4TH 2014 JOHN WRIGHT ABSTRACT This paper intends to outline the benefits of legalization of marijuana, show the possible negative externalities from making a once illegal drug, fully legal and regulated. It also attempts to address the legalization from a Global perspective, where it has been implemented and how successful it was. This paper gives some feasible regulation policies for future regulationRead MoreThe Impact Of Globalization On Medical Care And Health2082 Words   |  9 Pagescare and health. Given the swift explosion of advances in transportation, communication, technology, and production means, globalization is now a threat to health of persons and their well-being globally. Along with issues domestically, health systems now have to deal with worldwide transferring of risks to health. Along with this rise in permanence has come the worry of locating shared aims in the management of health inequalities for all persons. Infectious diseases spread on a global level are

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Jeffrey Dahmer Free Essays

Jeffrey Dahmer When I was a little kid I was just like anybody else. I was born in Milwaukee in May 21, 1960, the son of Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. At the age of six after some minor surgery, which coincided with the birth of my brother, there seemed to be a change in me. We will write a custom essay sample on Jeffrey Dahmer or any similar topic only for you Order Now At the time a career opportunity for my father resulted in my family moving from Iowa to Ohio. I don’t know why it started. I don’t have any definite answers on that myself. If I knew the true, real reasons why all this started, before it ever did, I wouldn’t probably have done any of it. Though the thoughts were like arrows, shooting through my mind from out of the blue. By the time I was fourteen the compulsions to murder and necrophilia began to occur. I’d rather be talking about anything else in the world right now, but just after I graduated from high school, in June 1978, I picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks, I took him home to my parents’ house, where we drank beer and had sex. When he tried to leave, I killed him with a barbell by hitting his head. That night in Ohio, that was one impulsive night. Nothing’s been normal since then. It tainted my whole life. After it happened I thought I’d just try to live as normally as possible and bury it, but things like that don’t stay buried. I didn’t think it would, but it does, it tainted my whole life. I wish I hadn’t done it. At the same time of my first killing, my alcohol consumption became uncontrollable and in January 1979, I dropped out of Ohio State University after only one term due to my drunkenness. Thus, my recently remarried father insisted that I enlist in the Army, and I was sent to Germany. Though my drinking problem persisted and two years later the Army discharged me for alcoholism. Following my discharge I returned home to Ohio where I went through Hicks’ decomposing remains, pulverized them with a hammer, and scattered the pieces even more widely in the woods. Later in October 1981 I was arrested for disorderly conduct and my father sent me to live with my grandmother in Wisconsin, but my alcohol problems persisted. My next arrest occurred some years later, in September 1986, for masturbating in front of two young boys, for which I received a one-year probationary sentence. In September 1987 I took my second victim, Steven Toumi, whom I met in a gay bar. We checked into a hotel room and drank a lot. I had no intention of doing it. However, the next morning, I found Toumi dead beside me. I was in complete shock. I just couldn’t believe I had done it again after those years when I’d done nothing like that. I don’t know what was going through my mind. I have no memory of it. I tried to dredge it up but I have no memory whatsoever. I bought a large suitcase to transport Toumi’s corpse to my grandmother’s basement, where I had sex with, and masturbated on it, before dismembering it and disposing of the remains in the rubbish. I developed a pattern of murder that persisted for the duration of my thirteen year killing spree: I sought out mostly African-American men at gay meeting places, lured them home to his grandmother’s basement with promises of money or sex, where I would ply them with alcohol laced with drugs, strangle them, have sex with the corpse or masturbate on it, then dismember the corpses and dispose of them, usually keeping their genitals or skulls as souvenirs. I often took photos of each victim at various stages of my murder process, so I could recollect each act afterwards and relive the experience. This re-enactment included assembling the skulls and masturbating in front of them, to achieve gratification. My grandmother eventually tired of the late nights and drunkenness, although she had no knowledge of the other activities, forced me to move out in September 1988, but before that I killed another two people at her house. At this point I had an extreme close call with authorities: I had an encounter with a thirteen-year-old Laotian boy which resulted in charges of sexual exploitation, and second-degree sexual assault, being laid against me. I pleaded guilty, claiming that the boy had appeared much older and, while I awaited sentencing, I moved back in temporarily with my grandmother, where I once again put her basement to gruesome use; in February 1989 I lured an aspiring African-American model, named Anthony Sears, and I drugged, strangled, sodomized, photographed, dismembered and disposed of his body. In May 1989, at my trial for child molestation, to my defense the counsel argued that I needed treatment, not incarceration and the judge agreed, handing down a five year probationary sentence, with one year prison sentence on â€Å"day release†, under which I continued to work at my job, but returned to the prison at night. I was released after ten months, despite my father writing to the judge urging him that I be held until I had received appropriate treatment. Then I spent three months with my grandmother on my release before moving into my own partment in May 1990. During the next fifteen months before the time of my capture, my victim count accelerated; and I killed 12 more young men. I developed rituals as I progressed, experimenting with chemical means of disposal, and I also consumed the flesh of my victims. I drilled into my victim’s skulls while they were still alive, injecting them with Muriatic acid to see whether I could extend my control to the living. Mo st of my victims died instantly, but one man survived for a number of days in a zombie-like state, with limited motor function. I was always careful to select my victims on the fringes of society, so that it was less likely for the police to search for them. In the case of my thirteenth victim I had yet another close call; it was a 14-year-old Laotian boy who was, coincidentally, the younger brother of the boy I had been convicted of molesting three years earlier. To my dismay on May 26, 1991, my neighbor, Sandra Smith, called the police to report that a young Asian boy was running naked in the street. When the police arrived, he was incoherent, and the police believed me when I told them that the boy was my 19-year-old lover who had just had too much to drink. The police escorted me and my victim home at which point I strangled the boy and continued with my usual rituals. My luck finally ran out on July 22, 1991, when two Milwaukee police officers picked up Tracy Edwards, a young African-American, who was wandering in the streets with a handcuff dangling from one of his wrists. They decided to follow up his claims that a â€Å"weird dude† had drugged and restrained him, and they coincidently arrived at my apartment, where I calmly offered to get the keys for the handcuffs. Edwards claimed that the knife I had threatened him with was in the bedroom and when the officer went in to corroborate the story he noticed photographs of dismembered bodies lying around. He shouted to his colleague to restrain me so I fought back but I was eventually subdued. A subsequent search revealed the head in the fridge, as well as three more in the freezer, and preserved skulls, jars containing genitalia, and an extensive gallery of macabre photographs. I think in some way I wanted it to end, even if it meant my own destruction. Yes, I do have remorse, but I’m not even sure myself whether it is as profound as it should be. I’ve always wondered myself why I don’t feel more remorse. I was completely swept away with my own compulsion. I don’t know how else to put it. It didn’t satisfy me completely so I was thinking another one will. Maybe this one will, and the numbers started growing and just got out of control, as you can see. When you’ve done the type of things I’ve done, it’s easier not to reflect on yourself. When I start thinking about how it’s affecting the families of people, and my family and everything, it doesn’t do me any good. It just gets me very upset. Despite having confessed to the killings during police interrogation, I initially pleaded not guilty to all charges. However, against the advice of my legal counsel, I changed my plea to guilty by virtue of insanity. My defense then offered every gruesome detail of my behavior, as proof that only someone insane could commit such terrible acts, but the jury chose to believe the prosecutor’s assertion that I was fully aware that my acts were evil, but that I chose to commit them anyway, which resulted after only five hours deliberation in the finding of me being guilty, but sane, on all counts, on February 17, 1992. I was sentenced to fifteen consecutive life terms, a total of 957 years in prison. I adjusted well to prison life, although I was initially kept apart from the general population. I convinced authorities to allow me to incorporate more with other inmate. On November 28, 1994, in accordance with my inclusion in regular work details, I was assigned to work with two other prisoners, one of whom was a white supremacist murderer, Jesse Anderson, and the other a delusional, schizophrenic African-American murderer, Christopher Scarver. Twenty minutes after we had been left alone to complete their tasks the guards returned to find that Scarver had crushed my skull, and fatally beaten Anderson with an object. Following my death, the city of Milwaukee was keen to distance itself from the horrors of my actions, and the ensuing media circus surrounding my trial. In 1996, fearing that someone else might purchase my fridge, photographs and killing tools collection and start a museum, they raised more than $400,000 to buy his effects, which they promptly incinerated. This is the grand finale of a life poorly spent and the end result is just overwhelmingly depressing, it’s just a sick, pathetic, wretched, miserable life story, that’s all it is. I should have gone to college and gone into real estate and got myself an aquarium, that’s what I should have done. How to cite Jeffrey Dahmer, Papers Jeffrey Dahmer Free Essays

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Marketing Boards Essays - Marketing Board, Agricultural Cooperative

Marketing Boards Introduction Marketing Boards are government involved ways of regulating farmer's production and price, while protecting the overall profit of every farmer in that particular production. Since there is nothing farmers can do about the inelastic nature of the demand for farm products, the key to supporting and stabilizing farm prices and incomes lies in controlling the supply of farm products. In other words, farmers would benefit greatly from an oligopolistic (banning firms together) price and supply agreement among themselves. Farming is a highly competitive industry ? it consists of many small, independent producers selling substantially similar products in a big marketplace. Given these realities, it has proven very difficult to achieve any kind of agreement or coordinated action on the part of farmers, even when it would be in their best interest to do so. Attempts have been made to use farm cooperatives to restrict production and thus support and stabilize prices; however, these efforts rarely work. Such agreements are voluntary and lack means of enforcement; as a result, too many farmers don't participate or break the agreements. This is when farmers turned to government assistance to help with their low and unstable incomes and marketing boards was proposed. In the following we will discuss what marketing boards are, how they work, how they effect the Canadian economy, and how widespread they are. We will focus on particular Canadian producers who use marketing boards and how they are both positive and negative in contributing to the economy. We will also look at how marketing boards are effecting the consumers. In total outlook, the purpose of this review is to provide a clear and explicit focus for the research to be undertaken as well as to establish the scope of the study.